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Having trouble believing that Spring has sprung? As we continue to advance in years, it seems like the seasons come and go with breakneck speed. It's important that as time winds up and lurches forward that your spine isn't in a knot -- it can cause all sorts of problems for you as you engage in those springtime activities, like camping, kayaking, kite-flying, beach-going, mini golfing, and more.

Stuff You Can Do to Protect Your Spine

Even something like Spring cleaning requires you stretching and putting your body in unusual positions that you're not used to, which can incite injury quite easily. All it takes is a sneeze or a jerk while you're in the wrong position and your back is done for, putting you out of commission for weeks.

Stay conditioned and make sure you stretch on a regular basis. This will keep your body strong and flexible, ready to endure any sort of pressure you put on it.

Taking your time as you go through your seasonal chores will go a long way, too. Don't try to jam everything into one Saturday, or a weekend. Budget your chores out over the entire month of March to ease into things. The same goes for your fitness routine. The idea is to build a reliable, consistent practice, not burn yourself out.

Hit the Links Softly, Unless You Golf Year Round

If you're getting back into the swing of things, you might want to practice your golf swing beforehand. It's also a good idea to schedule an adjustment with Barton Chiropractic Clinic. Take gentle swings at first. Maybe start with a 9-hole before you play two rounds in a day. Invest time into making sure that your swing is smooth and even, and that your swing rotates and shares the load between your shoulder, pelvis and your thoracolumbar segments.

Travel Smart, Travel Light

When you travel, it puts a lot of pressure on your back and spine, especially if you carry large, cumbersome bags along with you. If you're on a flight for long periods of time, it might be a good idea to incorporate a stretch routine with some Yoga-style moves, focusing on your hips and your lower back in the process.

We hope some of these tips help you as the seasons change. We're all about keeping our patients and readers active year-round. If your back, spine, hips, or legs are feeling anything less than 100%, chiropractic care is an avenue worth pursuing. Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Barton today at (708) 922-1400.

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