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You may or may not have heard the idea of "dim bulb" (or subluxation) is when there's a slight misalignment of the vertebrae. Many experts consider it the source of more than a few health problems. 

When you suffer from dim bulb, it means your light isn't shining as bright as it could be. Another way of putting it is that your engines aren't firing on all cylinders.

How to Fight the Fading of the Light without Surgery

But there's a safe and effective solution without opening the hood, without changing the bulb, so to speak. It's widely available today, developed by Ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures, then perfected in America today. Guess what it is.

We'll wait...

Chiropractic care. Yes, it's true that this age-old wisdom masters the best and most effective ways to harness the power the body and its contents. A simple adjustment can keep the nervous system free from these blockages that hold you back and affect how you see and approach the world. It's fountain of youth technology.

What Causes Subluxation?

Great question! Subluxation is caused by spinal bones that move improperly or position in a way that disrupts nerve communications between the mind and body. It can cause a lot of problems in the body, even in the stomach.

Just like when there's a kinked wire, your light bulb can go out from lack of power. Connected organs can suffer from the same thing. That's why in some circles vertebral subluxation is called the silent killer.

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To fight subluxation, contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic. We offer non-invasive, holistic treatment that will get your body up to par and your light shining brightly. Call Dr. Barton at (708) 922-1400 to schedule your initial consultation today.

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