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If you're one of the millions of Americans who suffer from back pain, we'd like to go over some common sources that could be contributing to that pain and uncomfortableness. 

Barton Chiropractic Clinic would also like to remind patients and readers that back pain is not something to resign yourself to. If your back or spine is anything less than 100%, there are treatments and services we provide that can help reduce and even eliminate back pain, spine problems, and even neck and leg pain.

There's a lot we can do to make your life more tolerable and enjoyable. Our mission is to get every patient back to being active and healthy.

Common Contributors to Back and Spine Pain

Injury -- this is a common source of back pain. You can sprain and strain ligaments that support your spine. This includes the facet joints. You might fall or use poor mechanics/form that lands you a back injury that can take you out of everyday activities, even work.

Bulging Disc / Herniated Lumbar -- this is when the contents of the disc (called nucleus pulposus) spill through its outer layer (also called annulus fibrosus), which compresses the spinal nerve root. This can often cause pain, which can spread to the buttocks, the thighs, and other parts of the leg.

Degenerative Disc Disease -- this generally is considered an age-related problem of the spine. As the aging process goes on, discs begin to lose water and dehydrate. Changes in shape might compromise the distance between vertebral bodies, which makes the nerve's passageways narrow. The body tries to correct abnormal movement and cartilage on the facet joints can start to degenerate, developing bone spurs.

Less Common Causes of Back and Spine Pain

Spinal infections and both benign and malignant spinal tumors can also be the source of back pain, both tending to be less common than those mentioned above.

To avoid back and spine injury, it's best to take care of your body and your mind through safe exercise, healthy eating, meditation, yoga, and by forming a great relationship with a chiropractor near you.

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