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(708) 922-1400

Tech neck is something that happens to us when we spend a little too much time starting downward with our necks in a flexed state -- this might entail your smartphone, or it could be your personal computer or laptop.

The act of looking downward puts your cervical spine in an uncomfortable position, resulting in neck and spine pain, headaches, shoulder pain, and radiating pain in the arms in the short term, but can eventually lead to far more serious situations, like muscle strain, disc injury, arthritis, and nerve impingement.

Set Time Limits for Yourself

Moderation is key here. If you’ve spent the last 15 minutes or so on your device, maybe put it down for a few minutes and switch up your posture. Better yet, incorporate an hourly stretch routine. There are amazing resources online -- even some chair yoga tutorials that will do your neck and spine an amazing service.


This might mean investing in a phone or tablet holder that cuts down on neck flexion, or it could mean investing in a new chair with a good headrest that allows you to keep the back of your head flush and not looking downward with the neck flexing forward.

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