(708) 922-1400
(708) 922-1400

Barton Chiropractic Clinic treats a wide patient base, providing drug-free chiropractic care and wellness services that help our clients get active again while unlocking new potential in the mind and body. So much is riding on your spine -- it's connected to your body and your brain.

Getting an adjustment or other types of treatments will help correct misalignment (subluxations) found in a patient's vertebrae, subluxations which can end up disrupting your brain/body communication system. Chiropractic care can make a HUGE difference in anyone's overall health, especially as we advance in age, which is why chiropractic treatment might be the perfect gift for Dad this Father's Day. Here are a few reasons why.

Because He's Likely Neglecting Himself

Dad might be one of those old-school guys who will live and continue to work with an ache or an injury until it becomes a more serious issue. That's where you can step in and get him the treatment he needs but would never ask for.

Because Life Brings About Wear and Tear

It doesn't matter what you do, work and routine are bound to have an impact on your back and spine. Even those of us who sit for long periods of time are at risk for back and spine problems. Chiropractic treatment is not only a preventive treatment, but it also becomes necessary to maintain the body and stay active for patients of a certain age.

Because He's Earned It

Likely, Dad works hard. And, many times, he's not doing the work out of selfishness. It's never really about him. That's why on Father's Day, Barton Chiropractic Clinic's signature chiropractic treatments can be the perfect gift, where the focus on totally on Dad for a change. It's the gift he might not even know he wants. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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