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In this 3-part series, Barton Chiropractic Clinic goes over the 5 areas of your spine. Today we start with your Cervical Spine, which consists of the first seven vertebrae at the very top of the spine. In short, it's the neck area.

The Job of the Cervical Spine

Your cervical spine has the vital job of supporting your head. Your cervical spine also enables flexibility and movement while facilitating blood flow to your brain. Your cervical spine houses and protects the top section of your spinal chord.

Cervical Spine Misalignment

Physical traumas and more minor stressors can have an impact on your cervical spine. Having bad posture is another way to get your cervical spine misaligned. Subluxations occur when vertebrae get knocked out of alignment, putting pressure on spinal nerves, which disrupts communication between the brain and the rest of the body.

The Many C's

Your C1-C7 communicates with optic nerves, auditory nerves, sinuses, pituitary gland, scalp, face bones, cheeks, outer ear, vocal chords, neck muscles, shoulders, tonsils, thyroid gland, elbows, and so much more! So, as you can imagine, a subluxation in your cervical spine can cause some serious troubles.

So, what to do when you have troubles in your cervical spine? Contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today. Schedule your initial consultation and we'll get you back to active in no time.

Stay tuned for our next entry, which covers your thoracic spine!

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