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Your spine is made up of 5 sections, and today we are covering the Thoracic Spine, which is the second region of the spine. 

The thoracic spine curves inward (kyphotic), which helps your body distribute mechanical stress during movement, helping you move about safely. This part of your spine is located in the chest area, containing 12 vertebrae in total. Your ribs connect to the thoracic spine, which results in vital organ protection.

Thoracic Spine Functionality

Out of the 5 sections of your spine, the thoracic spine is capable of the least amount of movement. It's still tremendously important for movement -- for activities like dance especially.

Extension and flexion are possible but limited. The thoracic spine also handles both lateral movements and twisting movements. 

Taking Care of Your Thoracic Spine

You can increase your strength and work on flexibility by doing yoga. There are specific poses that have you lie on your stomach and press your upper body up from the floor. Press and hold for 60 seconds if you can. Try to repeat a few times for good measure!

Take Care of Your Spine with Barton Chiropractic Clinic!

The best way to take care of all 5 sections of your spine is to practice good posture, stay active, engage in targeted stretching regularly, and having a relationship with your neighborhood chiropractic care specialist. Barton Chiropractic Clinic has an amazing track record of getting people back to active. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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