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(708) 922-1400

In the spirit of the summer season (which is still very much in full swing), we'd like to talk about one possible outdoor activity that is great for your back and core -- both of which are instrumental in your spine health.

Today's blog goes over a few reasons why paddle-boarding is worth your consideration. Read on and maybe we'll make a believer out of you.

1.) It's a total body workout

All of your main muscle groups become activated as you paddle and stabilize yourself on the board. Your mid back muscles (latissimus Dorsi), abs, arms (biceps and triceps), and shoulders (deltoids) are all incorporated, not to mention your thighs and calves. Paddle-boarding really is a workout that incorporates your entire body -- all you're doing is reaping physical rewards from engaging your core.

2.) It's soothing

Usually, paddle-boarding will have you out on a scenic lake, taking in the visuals, breathing fresh air, and becoming one with mother nature. Stress is a key contributor to subluxation (spine misalignment), so it's important to take some time out from the daily grind to do something good for yourself.

3.) It's a well-balanced activity

Getting outdoors and in nature will help your mind and your spirit. The rigorous activity will help your body. It's a great activity to strengthen your back and your core, which will help you enjoy lasting wellness and spine health.

If you're feeling anything less than 100% when it comes to your back, neck, or even your legs, contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today. We'll schedule your consultation and get you back to active!

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