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As many folks continue to push their limits out there when it comes to "getting after it," Barton Chiropractic Clinic sees more and more patients who might have taken their bodies a little too far.

Lately, you might see people out (either early in the morning or in the afternoons after work) running -- it's a simple, affordable, cost-effective way to get in shape.

Benefits of Using a Weight Vest

As people go along and start to build muscle and endurance, many might be looking to shave some seconds (or even minutes) off of their mile times. A weight vest is a popular option that people utilize for running and training -- it's an effective way to build strength. That way, when a person isn't wearing the vest, they feel lighter on their feet, since they're used to carrying the extra weight around.

Weight vests aim to help make people faster, jump higher, perform at a higher level -- all good things.

However, there are a few drawbacks to training with a weight vest we'd like you to be aware of.

Weight Vest Drawbacks

While that same weight vest might be increasing your fitness and strength, it might also be increasing your potential for injury. Since a weight vest rests on your shoulders and is strapped to your waist, it puts a ton of pressure on your spine. Compression of your intervertebral discs can occur, which can lead to back pain and back/spine injury. If your weights are not evenly distributed throughout the vest, this can put undue stress on certain areas and muscles of the body.

Avoiding Injury with Weight Vests

Try to minimize your risk of injury if you do decide to train with a weight vest. Make sure that yours fits snugly, so that the weights are as close to the body as possible. Try to avoid high impact activities with your weight vest, but, if you must engage, again, make sure the vest fits snugly and that the weights aren't bouncing around or moving left to right.

If you experience back pain due to using a weight vest or from engaging in strenuous activity (or even pushing yourself a little too hard), contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today. We have a long, proven track record of getting patients back to active.

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