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Lifting objects can often put a strain on the body, especially when we practice poor techniques that put unnecessary pressure on the spine. 

Did you know that many work injuries occur due to improper lifting techniques? It's a shame, especially considering employers often stress incorporating proper lifting techniques during training. Lifting heavy and even slightly heavy items (think boxes, a desk, a heavy lamp or clock, a bookshelf, etc.) with improper technique can result in musculoskeletal injuries -- and you might not even be aware that an injury has occurred.

Read on for some quick proper lifting tips.

  1. Keep a wide base -- it gives you added support!
  2. Your feet should always be shoulder-width apart, and it helps to have one foot slightly forward from the other (think of a person in a karate stance).
  3. Squat. Bending down to the object and lifting with your legs while maintaining good posture (back upright, looking straight ahead with your chest out and the shoulders back).
  4. Lift with your legs. Do this by straightening your knees and hips -- not your back. Make sure not to twist while you lift.

Bonus tip: Hold everything you lift load as close to the body as possible, preferably at belly-button level.

If you experience a back or neck injury due to improper lifting, or if you experience a spine injury despite incorporating our tips above (believe us, it happens!), contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today. We'll schedule your consultation and get you back to active in no time!

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