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Most employers take their safety protocol very seriously. Many companies pride themselves on keeping long streaks of injury-free workdays. However, even in the face of good intentions, work-Related Injuries are still all too common. As an experienced chiropractor in Homewood, IL, we see a lot of patients who get injured on the job. That being said, we thought it would be a good idea to go over some of the most common work injuries, so our patients and readership can avoid costly injuries down the road that keep you out of work -- which can take a serious hit to your self-esteem and your finances.

Thousands of workplace injuries occur each year varying in degrees of severity.

Below are some of the most common workplace injuries to be avoided at all cost.

1.) Slips and Falls

Could be a wet floor, could be an employee wearing improper footwear. Slips and falls occur most frequently in job settings where people are on their feet a lot. The restaurant industry is notorious for producing many workplace injuries in this category, which can result in all sort of injuries, ranging from back pain to torn ACL.

2.) Repetitive Strain

If you're doing the same motion over and over again at your work, you're increasing your chances of experiencing an injury in that area of the body. Work-related strain also has to do with carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, and vision problems.

3.) Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many of us drive vehicles, whether it's for a company or for a rideshare service. This means that more and more people are on the road, risking their safety to get where they need to go. Auto accidents especially are a culprit for taking people out of work.

If you experience an accident and suffer from back, neck, or lower and upper extremity pain, contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today. We'll schedule your consultation today and get you back to active the drug-free way.

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