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We all know that school is in. As we move from Fall to Winter, and as we head into Spring and roll into Summer, it's important to keep your child's wellbeing in mind at all times, no matter the season.

Setting your child up for success in the classroom involves studying, proper nutrition, implementing a healthy structure, but it also includes making sure that your child's health and wellness is up to par.  It just so happens that spine, back, and neck problems can affect adults and children's alike. Backpacks play a big role in causing back trouble in children. Read on for a few things to keep in mind when it comes to backpacks.

Avoid Heavy Weight

Make sure that your child avoids carrying anything more than 10% of their body weight. Make sure that the distribution of books is satisfactory -- try to put the heaviest books and objects at the back of the back. Opt for paperbacks over hardcover books, when applicable. Encourage your child to carry only that which is essential -- leave the toys at home!

Keep it Cozy

You want to ensure that your child's book bag isn't loose and that the contents aren't bouncing around, because this can put undue stress on your child's spine, not to mention their discs. Minimizing bounce and shift will help your child avoid back problems. One measure you should always take is adjusting shoulder straps so that your child's bag is snug and that it isn't pulling them backward.

Stop One-Strapping It

It used to be the cool thing to do, but slinging a backpack over one shoulder is awful for your back and could cause pressure, pain, and discomfort down the road.

A few pro tips:

If your child's school permits, use roller packs, which will glide across the floor with ease. You can also keep a look out for packs with nifty features, like padded shoulder straps, special compartments, not to mention a belt that can fasten around the waist.

If you have any additional questions about backpacks or if your child is experiencing back or neck pain of any sort, contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic Inc.

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