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The back can become injured in a variety of ways and it can happen even when we're doing the most innocuous activities.

However, there are certain types of back injuries that we see a lot of at Barton Chiropractic Clinic.  We specialize in drug-free treatments which help our patients recover from injury and enjoy a better quality of life. A large part of what we do as chiropractic care specialists is provide education and information to our patients and readership that can help them avoid back pain and avoid sustaining injury.

Read on for a few of the more common ways that people injure their backs.

Back Strain (and Sprain) 

It's a sad fact of reality that our lower backs end up taking the lion's share of the pressure, the largest amount of stress -- not to mention wear and tear. When we lift heavy, cumbersome objects and twist our backs, this can often result in injury or strain. Lumbar Strain is one possibility (occurring in the muscle fibers -- which become torn in the process), same with Lumbar Sprain (this happens when your bone-holding ligaments are torn). The lumbar spine is the most common area of injury when it comes to the back.

Herniated Disc

You've likely heard of this condition, but we'll elaborate on it anyway. Herniated discs occur during disc tear, which ends up spilling out, putting undue pressure on your surrounding nerves. This can result in sharp, shooting pains. This pain might radiate outward from the buttocks, reaching the backs of the legs (this is also referred to as sciatica), which will often be a sign of herniated disc.

Pinched Nerve

Nerve functionality can be damaged or compromised when nerve roots start to compress around your cervical vertebrae. This will, again, result in radiating pain, this time coming from your neck and shoulder region. Those who experience a pinched nerve might experience muscle weakness, tingling sensation, or a feeling of numbness in the extremities.

If you're experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, it's a good time to call your local Chiropractor. Barton Chiropractic Clinic serves the Homewood, IL area and its surrounding communities. Call today to schedule your consultation. 

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