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As millions of people head out in droves today to get some serious savings in, shrewd shoppers everywhere should take some time to take care of their bodies. A good way to perform a little bit of maintenance and remedy the everyday wear and tear we put on ourselves through work, activities, and even strenuous holiday weekends is to stretch it out. Here are 5 stretches that will serve you well before and after a heavy day of shopping.

1.) Cat-Camel Back Stretch

This is a popular yoga move that is well worth a mention. As far as technique goes, get down on your hands and your knees, then slowly alternate between arching and rounding your back, basically making a "C" with your spine, like a scared cat, then try to make a reverse "C" by bringing your neck up and arching your back. : This will stretch all 3 sections of your spine (the lower lumbar, the middle thoracic, and the upper cervical area).  Do this stretch gently. Don't force it.

2.) Supine Cross-Legged Twist

Lie flat on your back with your arms outstretched, then cross one knee over the other (kind of like you're crossing your legs and sitting in a chair). The next step is to shift your hips to the side (left side if you crossed your right leg, right side if you crossed your left leg), and softly allow your knees to drop. Breathe in deeply. Switch sides and enjoy!

3.) Standing Forward Bend

Save this for last. This stretch works best right after you do a downward dog yoga stretch. Stand straight, bring your feet together, then bend down while slightly bending the knees. Let your hands touch the ground. For extra leverage, you can cradle your elbows.

Make sure to breathe deeply in and out for each stretch. Conscious breathing will give you the added bonus of mental clarity and peace of mind, which seems to come in such small doses on Black Friday. Take care of yourself, and take care of others while you're out there. And contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today if you're experiencing any lingering back pain that is resistant to stretching.

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