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As more and more of us spend significantly more amounts of time staring at computer screens as well as our smartphone screens, more and more people will suffer from what some people refer to as "tech neck," but, also (for our intent and purpose) "text neck."

First, text and tech neck are generally caused by poor posture and by staring at your computer or phone screen from an odd angle. You want to be staring straight forward, if not slightly upward while maintaining good posture in your back.

Looking down at your phone or your tablet or laptop also puts a significant amount of unnecessary pressure on your cervical spine, which promotes more wear and tear, which can cause costly problems down the road. Nerves also get compressed and misaligned as a result of staring at your phone or computer can be putting your head, neck, and spine at risk -- all at once!

Keep in mind that text and tech neck is also being reported more and more among young people.

One way to reduce and diminish tech and text neck is to get up form your position every 15-30 minutes, if not at the very least once an hour and try to incorporate some stretches, maybe even a few yoga moves that remedy sitting in a chair or staring at a device.

Both tech and text neck and the lifestyle they promote cause a one-two punch that is bad for an active lifestyle. Minimizing your time on your devices is always a good choice. We know you have to do it for work, but you can try to do it less while you play.

Maintaining an active lifestyle will also help you avoid getting neck and back problems. If you have pain in your head, back, neck, spine, or even your legs, chiropractic care might be the drug-free solution for you. Contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today to schedule your consultation.

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