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The Piriformis is one of your smaller muscles which is located deep in the buttocks -- right behind the gluteus maximus. Your Piriformis runs from the lower spine to the upper femur in a diagonal fashion. Your sciatic nerve runs underneath (or through) the muscle. The piriformis muscle helps the hip rotate, turning the leg and foot outward. The Piriformis is the muscle responsible for hip rotation and gives you the ability to turn your foot and leg outward.

Being that the Piriformis is in close proximity to the sciatic nerve, trouble can arise. One such case is Piriformis Syndrome, which is a condition that causes pain due to the muscle tightening and intruding upon the sciatic nerve in the buttock area. Pain, numbness, tenderness, and other symptoms can occur, including radiating pain that can run down the leg, sometimes reaching down to the calf.

Piriformis Syndrome Has 2 Possible Causes

Piriformis Syndrome can arise from either sitting for long periods of time, or from an injury to the buttocks (usually a fall, an athletic injury, or something of the like). Trauma such as injury can cause the Piriformis to expand, swell, and irritate your sciatic nerve. Spasms are also another issue that can cause Piriformis Syndrome.

Chiropractic treatment offers a variety of options to treat and heal Piriformis Syndrome.

Treat Your Piriformis Syndrome with Chiropractic Care!

When it comes to chiropractors, they view the patient's whole body in its entirety view the body in its entirety, which will often extend to the leg and buttocks areas.  Your chiropractor has the power to utilize a regimen of pelvic and spinal adjustments, or even joint manipulation or stretching which will end up loosening the muscle, helping to heal the affected area.

If you need help treating your Piriformis Syndrome, contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today. We have a long, successful track record of treating pain and injury the drug-free way.

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