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It's doesn't matter if you're an ultra marathon runner or a server at a restaurant, choosing the right shoe is paramount to your back and your joint health.

There are certain qualities that you should look for in a shoe. You'll want to consider what you'll be doing in the shoe. For instance, if you'll be working at a restaurant, you'll want to get a slip-resistant shoe. If you're going to be running 5 miles a day, you'll want a lightweight shoe that provides the right amount of cushion for your needs, not to mention something that fits like a glove.

Below are 4 factors that go into choosing the right shoe.

1.) Comfort Level

You don't want a shoe that is too stiff or too small for your foot. Sure, there will be a certain amount of "breaking in" that needs to be done, but, generally, when you choose a shoe, you should feel good about its level of comfort right off the bat.

2.) Cushion

You'll want a shoe that helps reduce wear and tear on your joints. Make sure there is a good amount of cushion, but make sure to stay in moderation, because too much cushion can actually work to weaken your operating joints and muscles.

3.) Support

Pay attention to the level of support your shoe offers when you're walking briskly and running. Your foot needs to stay in proper alignment and your shoe plays a big part in this.

4.) The Right Fit

Making sure your shoe is the right fit is hugely important. You don't want something that your foot will be swimming around in, which can lead to blistering and discomfort. You want at least a centimeter or two between the tips of your toes and the end of your shoe.

At Barton Chiropractic Clinic we provide our patients with chiropractic treatments and educational materials that help them deal with injury and prevent future injuries. If you have any questions about choosing the proper shoe for you, or any other ways you can reduce back pain and stiffness, contact us today.

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