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If you work at a place that has you sitting for long periods of time, your posture may be in jeopardy. But, the truth is, everyday activities like driving, lifting weights and heavy objects, even exercises themselves can cause your posture to be out of whack.

Below are a few quick and easy tips to perfect your posture on your own. 

1.) Keep Your Alignment

Make sure that your ears are aligned over your shoulders, and make sure your shoulders are aligned over your hips -- this is a good rule for both standing and sitting. When you lean or hunch forward you can cause misalignment in your spine, which will lead to back problems.

2.) Sit With Your Feet Flat on the Ground

Instead of sitting with your legs crossed, make sure you sit with your feet flat on the ground. If you're able to, make sure you have a chair tall enough to leave your knees slightly lower than your hips when rested.

3.) Pull Back Those Shoulder Blades

Avoid getting rounded shoulders, which can lead to back and neck problems, by pulling your shoulders back (and down) while pushing your chest out (and up).

If you have back or neck pain that persists even in the face of taking the measures listed above, contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today to schedule your consultation.

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