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Headaches can come about in all sizes and forms, some brought on by a night of drinking or heavy smoking, others brought on from staring at computer screens for too long on a daily basis, improper diet, excessive noise, stress, environmental factors/toxins and more.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Headaches

Chiropractic has been shown to be beneficial in the prevention of tension-related headaches as well as irritations and pains in the neck. A chiropractic adjustment (various spinal manipulation techniques) can provide patients with immediate relief for their headaches.

Headache victims who work regular chiropractic adjustments in with their pain management routine show vast improvements, too. Watch common migraines start to improve and in some cases cease altogether.

As an experienced doctor of chiropractic, Dr. Barton recognizes that headaches are a way of our bodies warning us. This pain might be attributed to muscle tension, irritation of the nerves  and blood vessels in the neck.

Not only that, but your seven cervical vertebrae (also referred to as your spinal bones) can often get misaligned -- this can come about from emotional or physical stress. Even a minor misalignment can leave you with irritated nerve roots in the neck area. In some cases you will even experience blood vessel constriction (vessels which deliver blood to your brain).

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