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If you're looking to boost your productivity in the summer months, you're not alone. Many folks out there look to stay on top of their game, despite that summer is synonymous with "vacation". However, there's a lot you can do on a daily basis to boost your productivity when it comes to your career, your personal life, and your overall health.

Read on for a few productivity hacks that will help you accomplish more in July.

Go to Sleep and Wake Up One Hour Earlier

Try to adjust your sleep schedule to where you get one more hour to maximize the start of your day. You can use this hour for a jog, for yoga, for meditation and reading, and much, much more.

Eat Well

Eating well is proven to help boost your immunity as well as give you fuel to charge through your day. Eat plenty of greens, some fruits, clean protein, and try to limit processed carbohydrates and sugars.


Drinking half your body weight in ounces of water will improve your functionality and make you feel good on a daily basis.

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