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Sometimes products and systems we have no choice but to use on a daily basis may not be designed with our health and wellness in mind. That's basically what ergonomics tends to attempt to address.

Ergonomics has to do with a scientific discipline that is concerned with understanding interactions which occur between people and these additional elements that make up a system. Ergonomics might also be considered a profession which applies principles, methods, theories, and data, taking all of these elements into consideration, then designing products and systems that optimize your well-being -- not to mention overall system performance as a whole.

Ergonomics Can Help You At Work

There are all sorts of work-related stress and injuries that can occur, which ergonomics attempt to address, ultimately helping reduce your chances of falling victim to tissue or skeletal damage, not to mention overuse and repetitive motion.

Ergonomics and Your Chiropractor

Your local chiropractor should be able to recommend products and practices that will optimize your health and lower your risk of injury. Your chiropractor can also provide treatments that help optimize your body, not to mention offer drug-free pain relief for everyday wear and tear.

How to Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Stress or Injury

If you're experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned below, it's time to consult with your local chiropractic care specialist.

  • Persistent Pain (Especially if Severe and Getting Worse)
  • Radiating Pain
  • Numbness or Tingling of Extremities
  • Improper Sleep

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