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(708) 922-1400

As many Americans (over 70 million, as a matter of fact) head into their homes in order to reduce COVID-19 exposure and spread, it's important to do what we can to ensure our bodies and minds get the attention they need. Below, Barton Chiropractic Clinic goes over a few ways to keep your mind in check during this time of quarantine.

 Don't Hate, Meditate!

Instead of resisting the circumstances, embrace this free time you have and this new space to explore all sorts of mind-altering practices that you can take with you once we're allowed outdoors again. Sit down and clear your mind for 10 minutes each day. If you're feeling ambitious, try to build your way up to 20 minutes each day.

Mindfulness in the Morning

Right when you wake up is a great opportunity to sit and meditate or try to get on some sort of spiritual plane that will help guide your thoughts and actions throughout the day. Pray to a higher power or give thanks for your abundance. Think globally in terms of this. If you're an American, you have so much more than 99% of the world.

Breathe Easy

Practicing deep breathing is a great way to calm yourself and lower your heart rate. You can especially use this tool during stressful times of crisis in order to bring light to any situation.

Chiropractic treatment is another great way to recalibrate the mind and body, and our treatments at Barton Chiropractic Clinic have been shown to reduce anxiety, boost your mood, and even help promote a good night of sleep. Contact us today to learn more about how our treatments can help you.

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