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(708) 922-1400

When it comes to diets and individual's bodies, not all are created equal. Some diets get good results for certain types of people, and certain people's bodies respond better to certain types of food than others.

During this time of Coronavirus pandemic and paranoia, it's important to dial in your nutrition regiment so it gets the results you're looking for during this time.

First, you want to eat plenty of foods that will boost your immune system. Red peppers have even more Vitamin C than oranges if you can believe it, and none of the sugar.

You'll want to stay away from foods with processed sugar, which will drive inflammation, which will actually compromise your immune system.

If you're going to drink caffeine, try to stick with black coffee -- and only drink one or two cups daily. Over-caffeinating will mess with your sleep and increase your anxiety -- which is a horrible recipe during this time.

Ginger and turmeric root are two amazing ingredients to any diet that will improve circulation and reduce inflammation. Put them both in a veggie smoothie for a green rush of energy each morning. 

Try to limit your cheat days to once per week, and have it come well-earned at the end of a week of making good choices for yourself, that way it comes with zero guilt.

Contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today if you have any questions about how to boost your health during this trying time. We're here for anything you need.

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