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As we move through our lives and start to get older, the things we do every day and the things we do in our spare time put a consistent toll on the body, which we begin to feel in the form of tension, aches, pains, or worse. When neck pain and neck tension begin to show up, whether you're experiencing chronic or acute neck pain, it's important to set in place some counter-measures that will help you increase your range of motion and reduce your overall pain in the area.

Look Upward!

Since it's pretty likely you have a smartphone and spend some amount of time staring at screens, whether it's a computer or television, chances are you spend some amount of time craning your neck. With our phones, many of us hold them at waist-level in order to ensure nobody else can view our information, however, this takes a serious toll on your neck. Spend a few minutes each day looking upward to counteract the awkward positioning your neck takes throughout the day.

Stretch it Out

Take a look at some yoga stretches that activate the muscles and tendons of your neck, not to mention round out your spine and stretch the rest of your body. Doing so will help reduce pain and increase flexibility and range of motion at the same time, not to mention builds strength in your neck.

Strengthen Your Neck

Utilize exercises that activate your neck. There are products on the market that make it easy to effectively work your neck, but always make sure that you go with lightweight (if you use any weight at all) in order to avoid further strain. Resistance training is recommended when it comes to an area as delicate as your neck.

If you have any questions about how you can take your neck pain treatment protocol to the next level, contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today to learn more. We have a long track record of helping patients deal with various incarnations of neck pain.

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