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As the world starts to open back up, it's likely that you've gotten a little more diligent about exercise, whether you've taken to the outdoors, built up your home workout situation, or have gotten back to a gym somewhat regularly.

Below, Barton Chiropractic Clinic goes over how to get over exercise plateaus, which come about due to routine. When we do the same workouts and fitness activities, our bodies get used to those actions and motions. We begin to cheat, in a way, by optimizing and simplifying the process. What used to be challenging, at first, becomes simple, even effortless.

During these times it's important to push past those exercise plateaus in order to gain new ground.

Switching Up Your Exercise Routine

First, try switching up the old routine. If you mostly get your exercise at an indoor gym, take your workout outdoors. If you normally run on the treadmill, run outside, which requires more leg power. It will actually feel like a totally different workout. You might find that what you can run on the treadmill with ease requires much more work, for instance.

If you play a certain sport, try implementing another into your schedule, which will end up working different muscles, both in your brain and in your body. You'll learn new skills as a result!

Active Recovery

If you've been taking it a little too easy during your off days, or not taking enough time to rest after workouts, then it's a good idea to devise a good active recovery plan. Hiking on your off days, taking a yoga class, and getting close to your local chiropractor are all excellent ways to engage in active recovery. You'll find yourself being more effective in your workouts and recovering at a faster rate.

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