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Barton Chiropractic Clinic would like to go over some great exercises for you back, since we’ve already discussed activities that aren’t great for your back in a previous blog (apologies for being self-referential).

Are you feeling back pain at the moment? If you think bed rest is the best remedy, you may be mistaken. Sometimes exercise is a really great way to get rid of back pain. Maintaining a healthy exercise routine will also keep your back pain from coming back in the future.

Exercise for Back Health and as a Remedy

Doesn’t matter if you’ve experienced an injury or you live with a degenerative disease (like osteoarthritis), more and more conclusive studies find that incorporating a regular exercise program will cut down on back pain, so you can live an active life again.

Here are some great exercises for your back for your consideration:

  • Tai Chi -- This is a great exercise because it incorporates the mind and body. You’ll quickly find once you start doing Tai Chi regularly that it’s a meditation of sorts. Tai Chi relieves pain and strengthens the muscles while improving stamina.
  • Cycling (stationary for safety purposes) -- Biking doesn’t necessarily incorporate your core as much as it does your leg, but it still helps alleviate lower back pain.
  • Climbing -- Physical therapists are just now beginning to explore the benefits of therapeutic climbing. It’s best to climb in a controlled, indoor environment, especially as you just start out.
  • Resistance Exercises / Band Training -- As long as you practice good form and don’t go crazy with the weight, resistance and band training are great for your back. There are specialized exercises that incorporate your core.
  • Yoga -- We talk about yoga a lot, so we'll spare you here.

Experienced Chiropractor in Homewood, IL

We hope some of these exercises help in either relieving back pain or preventing back pain. At the very least, if you’re fortunate enough not to suffer from back problems, these are some creative ways to get a good workout in. If you experience back pain that none of these exercises can remedy, it may be time to call your local chiropractor. Contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today to schedule your consultation.

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