A Few Steps Towards Health



Get a few more steps in your life and it helps your health

Many of us have heard the goal: 10,000 steps a day. But this is a huge number that turns many people off. Instead start with 1,000 and work your way up. And always remember that the quality of those steps is important too! 

  • Walk and talk: make pacing nervously while on the phone work to your benefit. Walk from room to room, or take your phone call outside!
  • Walk to talk: to the next desk, the next floor or next door. Whoever you need to talk to, we are guessing a face-to-face meeting will be more productive for both parties. Plus it helps you get your steps. 
  • Walk at lunch: get outside, smell the fresh air and take a brisk 15 minute walk. Then choose a bench and sit down to have your meal outside.
  • Take the stairs: stairs instead of elevator. Stairs tone your butt and help you get those few extra steps that matter.
  • Park far away: give up looking for the closest-possible parking space- there are plenty a few rows further back that will give you an extra 20-50 steps.  
  • Choose hills: the steeper the grade, the better.

How we help you walk more

Chances are you won’t choose to walk if you are in the grips of back pain. At our office in Homewood, we help people manage chronic back pain with natural methods so that they can focus on reaping the health benefits of exercise including walking. Spinal adjustment boosts circulation and improves range of motion so that you can walk with less pain. Let’s make 2021 the year that you make your health a priority- give our office in Homewood, IL a call to schedule an appointment today.