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Diane Barton, D.C.

1987 Graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IA.

Dr. Barton is a native of the south suburbs having grown up, lived, and worked in the area her entire life. She graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois with a Bachelor's degree in English. Dr. Barton went on to study chiropractic care at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. After graduation from Palmer in 1987, she began her practice here in the south suburbs. She currently has an office in Homewood.

Dr. Barton’s philosophy of chiropractic care for her patients is to find the true problem for the pain or reason for the loss of function, fix it then leave it alone. Dr. Barton treats patients in the shortest amount of time without sacrificing patient care and without unnecessary treatments. She works within the regulations of patient care. Through the use of various natural chiropractic manipulation treatment techniques (CMT) rather than using over-the-counter or prescription medications which may just mask the pain and the problem, Dr. Barton actually is working on correcting the root cause of the pain.

Dr. Barton's practice is family-friendly with patients ranging from pregnant women to babies to senior citizens on Medicare. No matter the patient, Dr. Barton's care and attention remain the same.

So, you have never had chiropractic care before and are wondering what is it? Chiropractic is the manipulation by hand of the spine to affect the nerves and muscles. This includes the disks and overall alignment of the spine.

Though chiropractic care is not considered to be pain therapy, many people mistake pain as the problem when in reality pain is a warning that something within the body is not correct.

The pain a person may feel is only a signal or symptom of a more serious issue or problem. The use of painkillers many times only lessens the pain allowing the actual problem to continue to progressively worsen as the body begins to break down further through proper chiropractic care people have been able to find relief from pain after suffering for years.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Barton has been able to help many individuals with the following health issues:

Pain due to generative disks
Headache and migraine headaches
Hip pain and hip misalignment
Lower back pain and immobility
No pain or stiffness
Nerve pain
Spinal misalignment correction

Dr. Barton also utilizes massage therapy to relieve pain and correct muscle tissues.
Treatment includes rehab exercises to improve patients function.

Disk rehab

Balance and fall prevention

Activities of daily living

Posture correction

Massage Therapist

chiropractor near me

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