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The best things you can do for inflammation

Inflammation seems to be one of the 21st century's worst enemies. Since the health community started paying attention to it, it has become implicated in an entire spectrum of conditions. If you are interested in maintaining your highest standard of living, it is important to keep inflammation to a minimum. There are no surprises here, but these factors always bear repeating: 

  1. Diet: if you do nothing else for your inflammation, diet is the one thing you should focus on. So many common ingredients in the American diet are implicated in inflammation. We simply need to change the kinds of fats we eat and incorporate more fruits and vegetables. No argument here.
  2. Exercise: maintaining a healthy weight is essential for keeping down the inflammation. People who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from chronic inflammation. It also lubricates your joints and keeps your muscles conditioned. 
  3. Hydration: simply drinking your daily ration of water helps in so many ways. Water is essential for every biological function and it keeps your organs, muscles, bones and joints operating at maximum capacity. 
  4. Rest: your immune system needs to hit the reset and recharge button. 
  5. Stop smoking: smoking has been found to increase the amount of inflammatory markers in the blood. 

Chiropractic adjustments have also been shown to reduce inflammatory markers in the blood. As part of a holistic health lifestyle, chiropractic and certain lifestyle adjustments can make all the difference in your fight against inflammation. If you need help turning the tide against inflammation, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

Staying active during pregnancy can make the difference between slight discomfort and outright pain.

Very few women escape from a pregnancy without a twinge of pain, but the degree to which it defines your time with child varies greatly! Along with chiropractic, exercise offers one of the best ways to ease the standard discomforts of pregnancy, maintain great circulation throughout your body and to your fetus, and combat mental anxiety. The problem is, there will be days when you feel like doing nothing less than exercising! Here is some encouragement and advice on how to stay active during pregnancy. 

Delayed onset muscle soreness

Known in the shorthand as DOMS, the period of post-exercise pain and fatigue has varying degrees and it is important to stay tuned in to how exhausted and painful your body feels post-exercise. Low-grade DOMS is nothing to be concerned about- given enough rest and attention to diet and recovery, your body will repair and be ready to go again quickly. However, if the pain and stiffness persist, it is likely that there is some muscle damage present. Read on to find out how to discern whether your DOMS is normal or if there is something to be concerned about. 

Many of our clients are asking us about healthy options to provide at their table for Thanksgiving. If you plan on making your Thanksgiving socially distant, you still have to have an array of foods for those who are within your home bubble for an important meal with family.

Below, Barton Chiropractic Clinic goes over a few healthy Thanksgiving options that will both satiate and energize you.

Salad, Salad, Salad

Include more than one salad option, and make sure you get more creative than iceberg lettuce, which has remarkably little nutritional value. Instead, choose nutrient-dense spinach and kale for your salad base. Throw in carrots, beets, cucumbers, celery, sprouts, avocado, and/or nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews, just to name a few) to make your salad next-level.

Clean Protein

If you're eating turkey, try to opt for organic. Try to also include a plant-based protein source (bean patties, for instance) for those in your clan who do not eat meat.

Veggies Galore

Include creative vegetable options, like sweet potatoes, broccoli dishes, veggie casseroles, stews, and more. You want to make sure that your offerings are predominantly vegetable if you are going to truly have a healthy spread for Thanksgiving.

Contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today to learn more about how our treatments go along with a healthy diet to keep you in the game long-term.

As a chiropractic treatment practice, Barton Chiropractic Clinic recognizes the fact that we have a responsibility to uphold within our community. We provide treatments that get honest results for our patients, all-natural adjustments that unlock untold health benefits.

Our treatments help our patients avoid prescription drugs, which we hold at a premium, considering our current opioid epidemic that only seems to be getting more pronounced.

At Barton Chiropractic, we honor the inborn potential of everyone to be truly healthy. We address the whole patient rather than simply masking adverse symptoms.
We desire to help newborn patients, children, the well-experienced and advanced in age, and especially those who are low on hope.
We choose to care for the patient with the disease instead of simply treating the disease itself.
We would rather assist than intrude; we give our patients freedom to choose rather than try to exert any form of control.

Barton Chiropractic Clinic will always seek to correct the underlying cause of the problem, not its effect. We deeply understand and never underestimate the body's ability to heal itself.
To serve others -- we see that as a calling. We're here to make a difference, one patient at a time, and we've witnessed more than a few miracles in the process.

Contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today if you believe chiropractic treatment is the right avenue for you. We're here to answer any and all questions. Here's to a healthy new year.

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