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Chiropractic has gotten the unfortunate stigma of only being useful to those who experience injury. This is simply NOT TRUE!

Instead, think of chiropractic care as a way to prevent injuries down the road in addition to treating injuries that pop up suddenly and unexpectedly. Below are a few reasons why chiropractic care is great for athletes and can help those who are looking to unlock peak performance capabilities.

1.) Increase Your Range of Motion

Being flexible and having a broad range of motion is paramount for running, jumping, and engaging in most other physical activities. Increasing your range of motion will help you shave time off your mile, for instance. Chiropractic care is a great way to improve the function of your joints, not to mention your spine.

2.) Boost Your Awareness

Most sports require participants to have their "head on a swivel," and chiropractic care is a great way to boost your awareness on the field, court, the ring, the octagon, or wherever else you engage in your sport of choice. A chiropractic adjustment will help improve communication between your brain and nervous system, which will not only improve your mental sharpness but will also give you more balance and hand-eye coordination.

3.) Enhance Your Performance

Regular chiropractic treatments can help improve your mobility, improve strength, and help you get more out of your training. You'll also reduce your risk of experiencing injury.

If you're wondering how chiropractic care can help you in your athletic performance, contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today. We'll schedule your consultation and show you the health benefits a full-service chiropractic care center has to offer you.

The Piriformis is one of your smaller muscles which is located deep in the buttocks -- right behind the gluteus maximus. Your Piriformis runs from the lower spine to the upper femur in a diagonal fashion. Your sciatic nerve runs underneath (or through) the muscle. The piriformis muscle helps the hip rotate, turning the leg and foot outward. The Piriformis is the muscle responsible for hip rotation and gives you the ability to turn your foot and leg outward.

Being that the Piriformis is in close proximity to the sciatic nerve, trouble can arise. One such case is Piriformis Syndrome, which is a condition that causes pain due to the muscle tightening and intruding upon the sciatic nerve in the buttock area. Pain, numbness, tenderness, and other symptoms can occur, including radiating pain that can run down the leg, sometimes reaching down to the calf.

Piriformis Syndrome Has 2 Possible Causes

Piriformis Syndrome can arise from either sitting for long periods of time, or from an injury to the buttocks (usually a fall, an athletic injury, or something of the like). Trauma such as injury can cause the Piriformis to expand, swell, and irritate your sciatic nerve. Spasms are also another issue that can cause Piriformis Syndrome.

Chiropractic treatment offers a variety of options to treat and heal Piriformis Syndrome.

Treat Your Piriformis Syndrome with Chiropractic Care!

When it comes to chiropractors, they view the patient's whole body in its entirety view the body in its entirety, which will often extend to the leg and buttocks areas.  Your chiropractor has the power to utilize a regimen of pelvic and spinal adjustments, or even joint manipulation or stretching which will end up loosening the muscle, helping to heal the affected area.

If you need help treating your Piriformis Syndrome, contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today. We have a long, successful track record of treating pain and injury the drug-free way.

Have you ever heard that expression "you're only as healthy as your spine?" No matter which way you slice it, spine health has a big impact on your overall health.

Below are a few ways to boost your spine health to make it a happy and healthy 2019.

Get Adjusted

The human nervous system is made up the brain and spinal cord, not to mention peripheral nerves -- all of which come together to form the communication system of your body. Chiropractic adjustments optimize your nervous system and clear your neural pathways.

Make Sure to Stay Hydrated

Did you know that every cell in your body needs water to function properly? That also includes cells in your nervous system and your spinal discs (which are filled with fluid and need hydration to function properly). Drink half your body weight in ounces every day.

Cut Down on Stress

Stress can and will take a toll on your body. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, headaches, depression -- not to mention spinal movement call all be negatively affected by stress. Taking a few new measures like mindful breathing, meditation, or other coping mechanisms or calming tools will improve your ability in dealing with daily stressors.

Contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic if you'd like to know more about how to make spine health a priority. We have a long track record of keeping our patients healthy and well!

People might not think of golf first when they think of sports or activities that are hard on your body, but the repetitive motions of swinging a golf club alone can do some serious wear and tear to your back, neck, and spine.

Unless you have a caddy every time you golf, you're likely carrying around a heavy golf bag, too. Putting, chipping, and driving all put strain on your back as well.

Below we'll go over a few ways that chiropractic care is a nice countermeasure to take after a day at the links.

Chiropractic Improves Flexibility

Having good posture and good flexibility are both paramount to having a strong golf game. Your body has to be able to aptly bend and flex in order to drive, put, etc. Having enhanced flexibility will help you add some serious yardage.

Chiropractic adjustments can help restore your body's functionality, especially as the effects of time take their toll. Chiropractic care will increase. your range of motion and reopen neural pathways to keep your game on point.

Improve Posture and Range of Motion

When you give yourself the gift of ongoing chiropractic care, you'll help keep your spine in line and continue to improve your range of motion, which is key for correcting joint and muscle dysfunction. Your chiropractor can also prescribe exercises that are specially designed to correct your particular problems while helping to build postural strength.

If you have any additional questions about how chiropractic care can improve your golf game or improve your life in other ways, contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today. We have a long track record of keeping our patients on top of their game.

At Barton Chiropractic Clinic we like to set our patients up for success when it comes to living happy, healthy lives. A big part of that involves patient education as well as setting goals that challenge our patients to reach peak wellness.

Below are a few goals you can set for yourself to make sure that your 2019 is a year of activity and pronounced health.

1.) Do Something New

Doesn't matter if it's that yoga class or a martial arts class you've been meaning to take, make 2019 the year you try something new!

2.) Build Strength

Cardio and flexibility are all the rage now, but there are also distinct benefits to weight training and strength training, which helps build muscle that supports your bones and joints.

3.) Eat Healthier

Start cutting out sugary foods and beverages, not to mention processed carbs. Eating clean, whole foods is a serious game changer when it comes to your overall health.

4.) Focus on Making Progress 

Instead of striving for perfection each day, just do what you can to make minor improvements in your life one day at a time. It will reduce your frustration and keep you focused for the long haul

5.) See Your Local Chiropractor

That's right, seeing a chiropractor near you is a great way to stay well year round. Chiropractic adjustments can help manage and eliminate pain, reduce inflammation, boost neurological output, improve joint health, reduce or eliminate headaches, and more. Contact Barton Chiropractic Clinic today to schedule your consultation if you're in need of a chiropractor in Homewood, IL.

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