Merry Christmas from a Concerned Chiropractor



Pain is no one’s idea of a good time

We are in the business of helping you face down your back pain. The first step of any solution is to identify your particular risk factors. Are you prone to overeating? Do you overindulge in the punch, then find yourself sprawled on the couch? Do you feel extra sluggish during the holiday period? All of these things are hard on your spine. Weight gain causes extra pressure on the spine; alcohol contributes to inflammation; and inactivity allows for tension to accumulate in your muscles, pulling your spine out of alignment. If you struggle with chronic back pain, you need to be proactive about the health of your spine this holiday season. 

Doing something about back pain this holiday season

You have the power! Watch what you eat and drink, and take every opportunity to get up and move. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment before, during, or after the holiday season. Let’s make this the last holiday where your back pain has a prominent seat at the table with the rest of your family.