How Stress Creates Pain


On the whole, our society operates with levels of stress that are bound to cause damage. Feeling great physically begins with feeling great mentally; how can you reasonably expect to overcome pain, lose weight or achieve any health objective if your mind is clouded by stress? We want to give you some reasons to consider using our treatment to reduce stress and feel less pain. 

While stress is the word used to describe a state of mental or emotional tension, it often manifests itself physiologically. High blood pressure is frequently linked to chronically high-stress levels, such as headaches and muscle tissue deterioration. We often hear people complain of joint pain when they are experiencing prolonged stress. Here is a concrete example of stress creating pain: Do you ever feel tense or tight in the shoulder and neck region during a day of work? Your body is accumulating tension as you work and, as stress levels rise, tension increases. This kind of prolonged tightening can also create a misalignment in the vertebral column which will result in undue pressure on the nerves and pain.

Chiropractic can be used as a successful therapy for stress. Through spinal adjustment, we ensure that your spine is properly aligned and nerves are free and functioning effectively. By addressing regions that are causing you pain, we remove the need to worry about a problem area that adds to the build-up of stress. Furthermore, we focus on boosting your blood circulation to ensure that all the processes of your body are adequately supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Call our office today and find out how we can help you stress less and feel better today.