Spotlight on Hand Health: Simple Tips for Profound Pain Relief

hand in mine

hand in mine

Natural pain relief for your hands

Whenever your hands or fingers start to feel stiff, pay attention to them! Ignoring pain and stiffness signals is the worst thing you can do because it allows the problem to compound. Here are some simple stretches for your fingers, to be performed whenever you feel like it: 

  • Finger taps: hold your hand open with fingers straight. Take turns tapping each finger down to the thumb. 
  • Wrist stretch: use one hand to pull the fingers of the other hand back until you feel a gentle stretch in the wrist area.
  • Open and close fingers: start with your hand open and fingers straight but touching. Then spread your fingers out so that they are as far apart as is comfortable. Return and repeat.
  • Fist/release: simply alternate between a fist and open hand slowly.

Hand health in Homewood

Life is difficult with unhealthy hands. The pain of arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome may not be totally avoidable but there are steps you can take to mitigate the severity of these serious conditions. At Greenway Plaza Chiropractic, we are Houston’s hand health resource and we want to help your hands feel better today. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment and find out how we can help. 

Our All-Star Stretch of the Week: Downward-facing Dog

The benefits of downward dog, from a back pain perspective

  • Provides an even stretch for the spine
  • Stretches the hamstrings, hips and shoulders, releasing tension that accumulates from sitting a lot
  • Strengthens arms and legs
  • Energizes body and brain
  • Improves digestion

For women, downward-facing dog can be used to ease menstrual discomfort and certain symptoms of menopause. The point is, this stretch is a holistic body tonic that can be used to keep chronic back pain at bay. The only contraindications are for pregnant women, people with high blood pressure and headaches, as the pose can exacerbate these symptoms. Come see us at our office where we can show you a whole host of movements that will make your spine sing your praises. 

Staying Active During Your Pregnancy

Easy activities to compliment your pregnancy

Let’s start with some basic guidelines: always choose low-impact exercise. Start by trying for 15 minutes of continuous activity 3 times a week and work your way up to 30 minutes. Aerobic activity is best, and group activity is even better- don’t be afraid to join a pregnancy-specific group at your local gym; it is a great way to make friends and keep you accountable for staying fit. 

As you move on towards the third trimester, you will naturally slow down, but you still need to stay active in small ways. Walk whenever possible, always carry your shopping bags and choose the stairs over an elevator! Think small and you will make a big difference in the way your body and mind interpret and fight back against the discomforts of pregnancy. If you need additional help with the back pain of pregnancy, give our office in Homewood, IL a call to schedule an appointment today. We are Homewood’s pregnancy chiropractic specialists, and can help you lose the pain at any stage of pregnancy. We look forward to hearing from you!